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Multimedia Gospel Ministries Pakistan


faith cometh by hearing & hring by the word of God

Audio Recording / Video Translating

We record different types of Christian song, psalm & sermon for the Glory of God, and then uneducated & blind people can listen any where at any time, Praise the God. Amen


Graphically Preaching.


We chose different types of Christian picture & compose with beautiful verse from Holy Bible then we give out in our programs & paste on public transport, shop, home door etc so soul read & view & remember presence of God. God is great all the times, Amen

But the word of the Lord endures forever.

Textualism Preaching.


We use different type of verse from holy bible use to prepare the soul for last day because now Jesus Christ coming soon. Amen


Dramatic Preaching / Sunday School


We prepare child in childhood for glory of Jesus Christ because it’s too impotent, so they will grow in Christ as they grow in normal life. Amen

Behold, I stand at the door and I am knocking.

Gospel in Cell Phone ( New )
Now world is going fast day by day with advance technology and people are like to use MP3 / MP4 cell phone and they like to play Audio / Video Songs and movies all the times so God directed me, so now we are giving free New Testament in audio & Audio/ Video Christian song and psalm so now soul can listen Good News’s any where at any time. Praise the Jesus name.
Outreach Ministries.
Multimedia Gospel Ministries is an evangelistic ministry with the commission to reach out to the lost in the streets, market places, parks, homes etc with the Gospel of Christ. This way, we hope to reach out to those who neither come to church or to the crusade grounds. We reach the sinners where they are with the Gospel.

Download Jesus PictureNew Testament


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