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Multimedia Gospel Ministries Pakistan


Our Mission

1.      To give out Free New Testament in our native language for all people.

2.      To provide audio and video capabilities for worship and class events.

3.      To maintain tape library and tape distribution of lessons presented.

4.      To provide audio / video Psalm, Christian songs & movies in our native


5.      To provide drama presentations for special occasions and events such

      as Christmas, Youth Quake, etc.

6.      To provide Text & stickers of Holy Gospel.

7.      To preach and teach the Gospel of the lord Jesus Christ.

8.      To free humanity from Satan’s captivity, sin, sickness or disease & poverty.

9.      To give men a life in God’s presence.

10.  Where souls are born, nurtured, matured and established in God’s kingdom.

11.  To take the Gospel in the power of the spirit.

12.  Through crusades, seminars, conferences, revival meetings etc, giving

      humanity life in God’s presence.


Current Running Programs

1.      We need a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the outreach areas.

2.      We need multimedia evangelistic equipment such as horn speakers, amplifiers, microphone, film projectors, Laptop computer, video camera, electric generator and tent for village evangelism, Musical / Sound systems.

3.      Soul-winning tools / tracts, Christian literature and Holy Bibles.

4.     Regular funds to continue the allowances of the multimedia evangelistic team / staff.


Future Programs

1.      Translate Old Testament in our native language as soul winning tool.

2.      To built a new video multimedia system to show out Christian movies.

3.     Personal audio, video tapes, cassettes, CD's & DVD copier.